Research & Career Skills

Research & Career Skills

PIER Helmholtz Graduate School

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Research & Career Skills

In addition to the qualifications specific to a profession, other abilities also play an important role when it comes to successfully planning one’s career and life.

The qualification concept of the PIER Helmholtz Graduate School therefore focuses on the acquisition of key research and career skills. In the PIER research and career skills curriculum, we offer workshops, training and networking opportunities for young researchers.

The curriculum is tailor-made for PhD students and focuses on the needs in the respective stage of the individual research projects: From research effectiveness for first year PhD students to career and leadership training for doctoral candidates in their third year planning a career in business, industry or academia. For the latest workshops and soft skills courses see the announcements in the news and events sections of the navigation menu.

First year PhD students

Research skills development and personal research effectiveness:

Scientific writing skills
Time management
Teamwork and networking
Good scientific practice
Communication skills
Intercultural training
Programming skills

Second year PhD students

Presentation, publishing and communication skills in a research context:

Presentation skills and techniques
Competent at conferences
Scientific writing skills
Media and PR training
Dealing with conflict and criticism
Effective strategies for teaching at university
Programming skills

Third year PhD students

Developing unterstanding, skills and confidence in key areas of career planning and leadership:

Career development and planning
Leadership styles and skills
Project management
Grant writing
Entrepreneurship and business skills
PhD defense training
Job interview training
Programming skills

The workshops are usually one-day courses for a maximum number of 15 participants and are offered once or twice a year. The trainers are carefully selected experts with many years of experience in teaching scientists. Some of the workshops are open for postdocs.

Many of the workshops of the research and career skills curriculum are a cooperation between the PIER Helmholtz Graduate School and its partner organisations and institutes such as the Collaborative Research Centers SFB 676 and SFB 925, The Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging CUI, the International Max Planck Research School for Ultrafast Imaging & Structural Dynamics IMPRS-UFAST, the Centre for Structural Systems Biology CSSB, and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory EMBL.

Workshops and career training outside Bahrenfeld campus:

COMPASS is a programme of the human resources department of Universität Hamburg open for all PhD students enrolled at UHH. Early registration is recommended, as most workshops fill quickly. Universität Hamburg also offers other qualification options for doctoral candidates such as individual advising services and the BROWN BAG career series: Compass.

Hamburger Zentrum für Universitäres Lehren und Lernen (HUL) offers a regular programme on good teaching practice for all researchers with teaching duties at Universität Hamburg, including PhD students. Most of the courses (and the registration site) are in German, but once or twice per year HUL also offers courses and workshops for English speakers: Information and registration.

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19 Feb. 2018 to 23 Feb. 2018
Location: Seminar room bctp 1
19 Feb. 2018 to 23 Feb. 2018
Speaker: Dr. BEHNKE, Olaf, Dr. BRENNER, Lydia
Location: SR 4a/b
21 Feb. 2018 to 22 Feb. 2018
Speaker: Dr. BEYE, Martin, Dr. CARLEY, Robert
Location: E1.173
22 Feb. 2018 to 23 Feb. 2018
Location: Auditorium
22 Feb. 2018 to 23 Feb. 2018
Location: FLASH SemR, bldg. 28c, room O2.201
23 Feb. 2018 11:00
Speaker: Tobias Herr (Swiss Center for Electronic and Microtechnology, Neuchatel, Switzerland)
23 Feb. 2018 18:00
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