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Research Teams Photon Science

Laser Physics and Quantum Optics

Extreme Timescales
Adrian Cavalieri

Laser-Plasma Acceleration
Florian Grüner

Atom Optics
Andreas Hemmerich

Solid-State Lasers
Günter Huber

Ultrafast Optics and X-Rays
Franz Kärtner

Many-Body Effects in Ultra-Cold Atoms
Ludwig Mathey

Small Quantum Systems
Michael Meyer

Quantum Matter
Henning Moritz

Quantum Theory of Condensed Matter
Daniela Pfannkuche

Fundamental Processes in Quantum Physics
Peter Schmelcher

Quantum Gases and Spectroscopy
Klaus Sengstock



Molecular Physics and Chemistry

Femtosecond X-Ray Experiments Group
Christian Bressler

Attosecond Science Group
Francesca Calegari

Femtosecond X-Ray Physics
Markus Drescher

Ultrafast Molecular Dynamics
Nils Huse

Hybrid Nanostructures
Dorota Koziej

Controlled Molecule Imaging
Jochen Küpper

X-Ray Femtochemistry and Cluster Physics
Tim Laarmann

Atomically Resolved Dynamics
R. J. Dwayne Miller

Biophotonik - Molecular Physics and Chemistry: Particly tracking and cell imaging
Wolfgang Parak

Ab Initio X-Ray Physics
Robin Santra

Spectroscopy of Molecular Processes
Melanie Schnell

X-Ray and Condensed Matter Physics

Multilayer X-ray Optics Group
Sasa Bajt

Hybrid Nanostructures
Dorota Koziej

Quantum Condensed Matter
Andrea Cavalleri

Coherent Imaging
Henry Chapman

Hard X-Ray Diffraction/Scattering
Hermann Franz

Scattering with Coherent X-Rays
Gerhard Grübel

Materials Imaging and Dynamics
Anders Madsen

Single Particle Imaging and Serial Crystallography
Adrian Mancuso

Magnetism and Coherent Phenomena
Ralf Röhlsberger

Michael A. Rübhausen

Soft Coherent Scattering
Andreas Scherz

X-Ray Physics and Nanoscience
Andreas Stierle

Ultrafast Structure Determination in Liquids
Martin Trebbin

High Energy Density Matter Science
Thomas Tschentscher

Attosecond Research and Science
Thorsten Uphues

X-Ray Crystallography and Imaging
Edgar Weckert

Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy of Clusters, Surfaces and Interfaces

Modeling of Complex Systems
Beata Ziaja-Motyka