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Research Groups Infection and Structural Biology

Cellular Microbiology
Martin Aepfelbacher

Structural Biology of Infection and Inflammation
Christian Betzel

Irene Fernandez-Cuesta

Systems Biology of Human Parasites
Michael Filarsky

Diagnostic and Molecular Virology
Nicole Fischer

Cell Biology of Human Parasites
Tim Gilberger

Structural Cell Biology of Viruses
Kay Grünewald

Structural Biochemistry of Herpesvirus Replication
Martin Hällberg

Molecular Plant Physiology
Stefan Hoth

Experimental Cryo-Photonics
Rainer Kaufmann

Structural Infection Biology
Michael Kolbe

Integrative Modeling of Infection Cycles
Jan Kosinski

Structural Biochemistry
Jörg Labahn

Cellular Microbiology
Stefan Linder

Membrane Protein Structural Biology
Christian Löw

Liver inflammation: infection, immune regulation and consequences
Ansgar W. Lohse

Modulation of Interactions at Biological Interfaces with Small Molecules
Wolfgang Maison

Structural and Systems Biology of Bacteria
Thomas Marlovits

Center for Structural Systems Biology
Alke Meents

Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Chris Meier

Experimental Biophysics
Arwen Pearson

Holger Rohde

Immunomodulation by Yersinia
Klaus Ruckdeschel

Molecular and Structural Microbiology
Holger Sondermann

Coronavirs Structural Task Force
Andrea Thorn

Hamburg Advanced Research Centre for Bioorganic Chemistry (HARBOR)
Henning Tidow

Integrative Virology
Maya Topf

Structure and function of molecular machinery for protein translocation across membranes
Matthias Wilmans

Clinical Pharmacy
Sebastian Wicha