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The accelerator research is described in the two following websites at DESY and Universität Hamburg:

ARD programme at DESY
Accelerator physics at Universität Hamburg

PhD opportunities in Hamburg are available in the following topics and teams:

Super-conducting RF structures towards long pulse and continuous-wave operation as well as higher accelerating gradients
Contact: Hans Weise, Eckhard Elsen

Generation of ultra-short, bright electron beams: from pico-second over femto-second to atto-second electron and light pulses
Contact: Holger Schlarb, Ralph Assmann, Frank Stephan, Klaus Flöttmann

Concepts and realization of innovative plasma particle accelerators: towards next-generation linear accelerators with accelerating gradients of above 1 Giga-Volt per meter
Contact: Ralph Assmann, Jens Osterhoff, Florian Grüner, Eckhard Elsen, Bernhard Hidding

Developments and optimization of Free-Electron Lasers (FEL´s): optimizing FEL operation with different seeding schemes
Contact: Jörg Rossbach, Ralph Assmann

Ultimate storage rings: reaching diffraction-limited emittances in circular rings
Contact: Rainer Wanzenberg

Future colliders for particle physics (i.e. Higgs factory, ILC, ...)
Contact: Ralph Assmann, Nicholas Walker, Brian Foster, Eckhard Elsen

Diagnostics of conventional and advanced beams
Contact: Bernhard Schmidt

Please note: The website of the Voss Wideröe Center for Accelerators, combining all Hamburg accelerator research into one reference place, is under construction and will be put online when available.

Lisa Katharina Roth
Infection and Structural Biology
Phillip Witthöft
Nataliia Kovalchuk
Particle and Astroparticle Physics
Jhilik Majumdar
Particle and Astroparticle Physics
Event Calendar
17 Jun. 2019 to 21 Jun. 2019
Chaired by: Thomas Wolf
Location: CFEL Seminar Rooms I-III
Today - 10:00
Location: building 61 (PIER Office), room 116
Today - 16:45
Speaker: Roberto Petti (University of South Carolina)
Location: Auditorium
19 Jun. 2019 13:00
Speaker: Valeria Botta
Location: CFEL, Gebäude 1b, Raum 4b
19 Jun. 2019 14:30
Location: build. 2a, SR2
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