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Research Groups Accelerators

The accelerator research is described in the two following websites at DESY and Universität Hamburg:

ARD programme at DESY
Accelerator physics at Universität Hamburg

PhD opportunities in Hamburg are available in the following topics and teams:

Super-conducting RF structures towards long pulse and continuous-wave operation as well as higher accelerating gradients
Contact: Hans Weise, Eckhard Elsen

Generation of ultra-short, bright electron beams: from pico-second over femto-second to atto-second electron and light pulses
Contact: Holger Schlarb, Ralph Assmann, Frank Stephan, Klaus Flöttmann

Concepts and realization of innovative plasma particle accelerators: towards next-generation linear accelerators with accelerating gradients of above 1 Giga-Volt per meter
Contact: Ralph Assmann, Jens Osterhoff, Florian Grüner, Eckhard Elsen, Bernhard Hidding

Developments and optimization of Free-Electron Lasers (FEL´s): optimizing FEL operation with different seeding schemes
Contact: Jörg Rossbach, Ralph Assmann

Ultimate storage rings: reaching diffraction-limited emittances in circular rings
Contact: Rainer Wanzenberg

Future colliders for particle physics (i.e. Higgs factory, ILC, ...)
Contact: Ralph Assmann, Nicholas Walker, Brian Foster, Eckhard Elsen

Diagnostics of conventional and advanced beams
Contact: Bernhard Schmidt

Please note: The website of the Voss Wideröe Center for Accelerators, combining all Hamburg accelerator research into one reference place, is under construction and will be put online when available.