Giovanni Rabuffo

Giovanni Rabuffo

PIER Helmholtz Graduate School

A Graduate Education Program of Universität Hamburg in Cooperation with DESY

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Giovanni Rabuffo

Name: Giovanni Rabuffo

Nationality: Italian

Master in: Theoretical Physics

College/University: University of Pisa

PIER research field: Theoretical Physics

Research topic: Quantum Gravity

Further research interests:
Beside my PhD project, I seek for keeping a contact with other fundamental areas of theoretical physics such as quantum field theory, renormalization and theories of gravitation. This is an easy business since our group is situated on the DESY site in Hamburg and thus we live in close contact with many other research groups.

Research group: UNI/TH

Supervisor/s of thesis: Dr. Benjamin Bahr

Special features about the research group:
Our group consists of two PhD Students, one PD, a Master Student and our Emmy Noether research group leader Benjamin Bahr. The main focus of our group lies on the construction of mathematically well-defined path integral measures for quantum gravity, in the context of the state sum models that emerged in connection with solid state physics and quantum information theory, as well as loop quantum gravity. The versatility of these models make this research field very appealing, in particular among the fast growing Quantum Gravity community. Many are in fact the possibilities during the year to partecipate to international workshops and conferences on this topic (I already applied for a big conference in Marseille). While very successful, some important aspects of the models are still not understood, such as finding a well defined continuum limit, implement renormalization techniques and so on and so forth. Our aim is to investigate these crucial issues paying special attention to diffeomorphism symmetry, background independence and nonlocalities within these so-called spin-foam models.

This is what brought me to Hamburg/Benefits from PIER (Cooperation of DESY and Universität Hamburg):
At first I turned my attention to Hamburg after the PIER call in spring. The position was perfectly fitting my expectations. It was an occasion to take a stand in the research field of quantum gravity and it was challenging since it required the study of a topic different from my Master thesis project. After I took my decision (declining other job positions), I came to know that many friends of mine were going to start their PhD’s here in Hamburg.

My plans for my career after my PhD:
I started my PhD following what I like most and I will continue to follow this attitude. So far, the next natural step is a Postdoc and then to find my place in the Scientific community.

Hobbies/Outreach: Being Italian, cook is a real passion and need. I am a member of the Couch Surfing community and I love travelling (easy if you are a PhD student) I practiced martial arts for many years and here in Hamburg I have found a great coach who’s preparing me for fights!

My favorite place in Hamburg: Every Monday I have my weekly appointment at “Das Feuerschiff”. It is a red lightship anchored on the river near the Elbe Philharmonic Hall and below deck there is a pub where a bunch of old men play live Jazz.

Giovanni Rabuffo
Giovanni Rabuffo
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