Laura Sagunski

Laura Sagunski

PIER Helmholtz Graduate School

A Graduate Education Program of Universität Hamburg in Cooperation with DESY

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Laura Sagunski

Name: Laura Sagunski

Nationality: German

PIER research field: Particle and Astroparticle Physics

Research topic of PhD project: Formation of the large-scale structure of the universe and cosmological perturbation theory

Research group of PhD project: DESY Theory Group

Supervisor/s of thesis: Dr. Thomas Konstandin, Prof. Dr. Günter Sigl

Special features about the research group:
Research at the interface of theoretical particle physics and cosmology

Current job: PostDoc at York University (Toronto) & Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (Waterloo) in Canada

Benefits from PIER for my career (Cooperation of DESY and Universität Hamburg): Throughout my time as a PhD student at DESY, I profited from the high level of expertise and the simulating environment on the DESY campus. I enjoyed the inspiring working atmosphere in the DESY Theory Group and the collaboration with excellent researcher from all over the world. PIER supported my research activities in various ways, for example by offering soft skill courses, scientific and career workshops that were designed particularly for PhD students and from which I learnt a lot! Besides, as a member of the PhD representatives DOIT, I always appreciated the great support we got from PIER for organizing outreach, interdisciplinary and social events for PhD students, e.g. job seminars with former DESY employees, breakfast meetings with renowned researchers or social hours to bring the PhD students at DESY together. The PIER team has always played a big part in making the DESY campus such an international, open-minded and lively place and I am very grateful for the fantastic time, the support and the friendship I experienced at DESY due to this!

My personal advice for all PhD students: Participate in the various activities that PIER offers for you! You will rarely find such a variety of qualification courses in any other place and you can only benefit from it! Also get in touch with the PhD representatives DOIT and become an active part of the lively community on the DESY campus!

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Laura Sagunski
Laura Sagunski
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Event Calendar
26 Jun. 2017 to 28 Jun. 2017
Location: FLASH SemRoom, Bldg 28c
26 Jun. 2017 to 30 Jun. 2017
Speaker: Dr. KEMP, Yves, Dr. MELZER-PELLMANN, Isabell-A.
Location: SR 4 a/b
26 Jun. 2017 16:30
Speaker: Ketan Patel (Indian Institute of Science Education & Research, Mohali)
Location: Seminar room 2, building 2A
27 Jun. 2017 11:00
Speaker: Jonas Wittbrodt (DESY)
Location: bldg 2, room 2a
27 Jun. 2017 16:45
Speaker: Florencia Canelli (Uni Zuerich)
Location: Auditorium
28 Jun. 2017 14:30
Location: build. 2a, SR2
28 Jun. 2017 14:30
Speaker: Daniel Litim (University of Sussex)
Location: Room 2, Building 2a
28 Jun. 2017 16:00
Speaker: Alexander Schmidt (Universität Hamburg)
Location: Room 2, Building 2a
28 Jun. 2017 18:00
Location: Foyer CFEL, Bldg. 99
29 Jun. 2017 13:30
Location: Building 99 (CFEL), Room 1.024
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