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Younes Otarid

Name: Younes Otarid

Nationality: Moroccan

Master in: Physics

College/University: University of Strasbourg

PIER research field: Particle and Astroparticle Physics

Research topic: CMS tracker detector upgrade and search for physics beyond the standard model

Further research interests:
silicon sensors, electronics, data acquisiton systems, machine learning, standard model, supersymmetry

Research group: DESY-CMS

Supervisor/s of thesis: Prof. Dr. Elisabetta Gallo, Dr. Andreas Mussgiller, Dr. Isabell Melzer-Pellmann

Special features about the research group:
pT discriminating silicon tracker modules, search for Supersymmetry

I plan to submit my thesis in: 14th October 2022

This is what brought me to Hamburg/Benefits from PIER (Cooperation of DESY and Universität Hamburg):
In addition to Hamburg being a beautiful and active city, PIER and DESY are very supportive for international students and offer an outstanding environment for research built around great facilities and international experts.

My plans for my career after my PhD:
Continue my journey in academia with the ambition of becoming a professor one day.

Hobbies/Outreach: Reading, Writing, Football

My favorite place in Hamburg: Landungsbrücken, Sternschanze, Schanzenpark, Stadtpark

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Younes Otarid
Particle and Astroparticle physics
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08 May. 2020 to 01 Dec. 2020
Chaired by: Dr Wille, Hans-Christian (DESY) ; Dr Seeck, Oliver (Desy) et al.
07 Oct. 2020 to 30 Nov. 2020
28 Oct. 2020 to 30 Oct. 2020
Speaker: Pearson, Arwen (Universität Hamburg) ; Basu, Jaydeep (IISC) et al.
Location: Online
29 Oct. 2020 to 30 Oct. 2020
Chaired by: Dr Mayer, Matthias
Location: Online via Zoom
29 Oct. 2020 to 30 Oct. 2020
Chaired by: Mr Thompson, Robert
Location: Online via Zoom
Today - 14:30
Speaker: Kutak, Krzysztof
02 Nov. 2020 to 04 Nov. 2020
Speaker: Wollschläger, Joachim ; Rübhausen, Michael et al.
Location: Online
02 Nov. 2020 - 15:30
Speaker: Xavier, Siemens
Location: Bldg. 2A
Room: SR2
03 Nov. 2020 to 05 Nov. 2020
Location: CFEL
Room: SR I-III (foyer)
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