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Questionnaire for alumni

Florian Christie

Name: Florian Christie

Nationality: German

PIER research field: Accelerators

Research topic of PhD project: Generation of ultra-short electron bunches and fel pulses, and characterization of their longitudinal properties at FLASH2

Research group of PhD project: Accelerator Physics group

Supervisor/s of thesis: Dr. Mathias Vogt, Dr. Juliane Rönsch-Schulenburg, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hiller, Prof. Dr. Wilfried Wurth

Dissertation completed: 2019

Current job: Postdoc at the DESY FLASH group continuing my thesis work

Benefits from PIER for my career (Cooperation of DESY and Universität Hamburg): I took a lot of soft skill courses during my PhD time such as Academic Writing and Python courses. Especially the Academic Writing course helped me a lot to write my thesis. I enjoyed a lot of social events sponsored by PIER, such as the PIER graduate week, social hours and BBQs, where I got to meet a lot of amazing people. Additionally, PIER supported me financially to attend the International Particle Accelerator Conference 2018 in Vancouver.

My personal advice for all PhD students: Try to broaden your horizon as much as possible and don’t just focus on your thesis work. Take enough breaks, do not work too much and have something to balance your life like sports. Ask for advice, if you are stuck. My professor always told me: If you are stuck with a problem and cannot solve it after three hours, look for someone to help you with that problem.

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Florian Christie
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08 May. 2020 to 01 Dec. 2020
Chaired by: Hans-Christian Wille
21 Sep. 2020 to 25 Sep. 2020
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21 Sep. 2020 to 22 Sep. 2020
Chaired by: Bridget Murphy
Speaker: BERTRAM, Florian (DESY Photon Science), HUBER, Patrick (Kiel University)
22 Sep. 2020 to 25 Sep. 2020
22 Sep. 2020 to 25 Sep. 2020
Speaker: ALONSO ÁLVAREZ, Gonzalo, BONNEFOY, Quentin
23 Sep. 2020 13:00
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23 Sep. 2020 16:00
Speaker: Jan Baumbach (Technical University of Munich (TUM))
25 Sep. 2020 13:00
Speaker: Nils Michael Roth
Location: Gebäude 15, Hörsaal
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