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Christian Nweze

Name: Christian Nweze

Nationality: Nigerian

Master in: Physics

College/University: University of Hamburg

PIER research field: Photon Science

Research topic: Raman and IR Spectroscopic Study of Relevant Energy Materials

Further research interests:
Synthesis of Topological Insulators, Plasmonic Study of Energy Materials and Excitons

Research group: Institute of Nanostructure and Solid State Physics

Supervisor/s of thesis: Prof. Dr. Michael Ruebhausen and Prof. Dr. Niels Huse

Special features about the research group:
The group has a Modern Raman Equipment (at varying excitation wavelength) for real time scientific experiment, Chemical and Physical Methods of synthesizing nanomaterials is been developed and we are in collaboration with many other research groups. My involvement in the group has internationalized the group, been the first international PhD student in the group. We are involved in providing fundamental knowledge about nanomaterials

I plan to submit my thesis in: November 2020

This is what brought me to Hamburg/Benefits from PIER (Cooperation of DESY and Universität Hamburg):
The beautiful city of Hamburg combined with the research facilities (PETRA III and FLASH) brought me to Hamburg. My coming to Hamburg would not have been possible without PIER and her support. I have enjoyed scholarship (summer school in Spain), met many Nobel Prize winners in Physics, internationalized myself with other researchers from different disciplines and had multiple workshops, seminars, talks, and DOIT activities, thanks to PIER Hemlholtz Graduate School.

My plans for my career after my PhD:
Settle back into my research in my Home University (Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka), apply the skills I learnt and help to transfer them to my students. I also plan to do more research and rise to become professor someday.

Hobbies/Outreach: DOIT ‘’Soft’’ drinks, Listening to scientific talks, volley ball

My favorite place in Hamburg: Smiles, The bubbling city of Hamburg

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Event Calendar
08 May. 2020 to 01 Dec. 2020
Chaired by: Hans-Christian Wille
06 Jul. 2020 to 10 Jul. 2020
Speaker: Dr. BEHNKE, Olaf, Prof. BARLOW, Roger
Today - 11:00
Speaker: Philipp Englert (DESY Hamburg)
Today - 15:00
Speaker: Ivan Sobolev
Location: SR2
Today - 15:00
Speaker: Ivan Sobolev
Location: Gebäude 2A, Seminarraum 2
08 Jul. 2020 to 09 Jul. 2020
Location: Seminar Room BAH1,ground floor, building 3
08 Jul. 2020 14:30
Location: build. 2a, SR2
10 Jul. 2020 11:00
Speaker: Charlotte Uetrecht (Heinrich Pette Institute, Leibniz Institute for Experimental Virology, European XFEL, CSSB)
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