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Second Round of PIER Innovation Lunch Talks

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With the new year slowly coming into full swing, PIER is pleased to announce the second round of the PIER Innovation Lunch Talks! The opening talk will take place on 21 February 2019, 12 noon. Under the title of “The Ideal Startup Team: Does It Really Exist?”, Hanno Kellner of Wirtschafts-Senioren-Beraten e.V.will talk about the types of people and personalities that are necessary when founding a business startup.

What are PIER Innovation Lunch Talks?
PIER Innovation Lunch Talks are held regularly. Once a month, PIER invites entrepreneurs and various experts to give practical insight into different aspects of innovation and business startup. After each talk, there is an informal get-together with free refreshments and snacks where participants have the chance to discuss further points of interest with the speaker and to meet other researchers interested in innovation and startup topics.

The first round of talks took place between February and November 2018, covering a broad thematic spectrum. In his talk “Starting a Tech Company – Lessons to be Learned”, Nicolas Stübe, CEO of the DESY spin-off suna-precision GmbH, gave and overview of his own startup experience, focusing on the topic of funding and finance (22 February 2018). Under the headline “Inventions and Patents” patent attorney Jörg Faupel of the Hamburg-based law firm Seemann & Partner provided an introduction into patent law (22 March 2018). Advantages and disadvantages of different legal forms of business were discussed by Tobias Gräwert, managing director of the EMBL spin-off BIOSAXS GmbH, in his talk “Starting a Company in the Life Sciences” (19 April 2018). Hanno Kellner of Wirtschafts-Senioren-Beraten e.V. talked about the first steps of business startup covering the topics “Business Plan, Business Model Canvas and Pitch” (24 May 2018). In the June edition of the PIER Lunch Talks, Florian Pithan, co-founder of the DESY spin-off X-Spectrum GmbH, addressed “Hidden Assumptions and Typical Pitfalls When Founding in Tech”, particularly focusing on the topics sales and cash flow (25 June 2018). After a two-months-long summer break the series was continued in September when Reinhard Hahn of Wirtschafts-Senioren-Beraten e.V. gave a talk on “Startup Knowledge: How to Apply for a Bank Loan” (27 September 2018). Pitch coach Bianca Praetorius introduced the audience to dos and don’ts when pitching a business idea to potential investors in her presentation “What Does the Perfect Pitch Look Like?” (25 October 2018). The final talk in this round was held by Haynes Cheng of the DESY spin-off Cycle GmbH who shared his experience as a young entrepreneur in his talk “Starting and Running a Hardware-based Startup” (22 November 2018).

Chu Wang
Infection and structural Biology
Christian Nweze
Photon Science/Nanoscience
Parisa Bayat
Jhilik Majumdar
Particle and Astroparticle Physics
Event Calendar
16 Sep. 2019 to 17 Sep. 2019
Speaker: COQUELIN, Daniel, Dr. FEDORKO, Wojciech
16 Sep. 2019 to 20 Sep. 2019
Location: Seminarroom FLASH, Bldg. 28c
16 Sep. 2019 to 18 Sep. 2019
Chaired by: Björn Wonsak
Speaker: ALONSO-MONSALVE, Saul, AN, Rui
Location: Building 1b, SR4b
Today - 16:45
Speaker: Christophe Royon (University of Kansas)
Location: Auditorium
18 Sep. 2019 10:00
Location: building 61 (PIER Office), room 116
18 Sep. 2019 14:00
Speaker: Ralph Welsch (CFEL, DESY, Hamburg, Germany)
Location: seminar room IV, first floor
18 Sep. 2019 16:30
Location: Foyer
19 Sep. 2019 10:00
Speaker: Evangelos Thomas Karamatskos
Location: CFEL, Gebäude 99, SR I-II
19 Sep. 2019 to 20 Sep. 2019
Speaker: Dr. GREFE, Michael, LOUIS, Jan
19 Sep. 2019 15:30
Location: CMS meeting room
20 Sep. 2019 14:00
Location: CFEL Seminarroom
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