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Johann Haber receives Helmholtz Doctoral Prize

14 September 2017, Berlin

Johann Haber (second right) with Otto Wiestler, President of the Helmholtz Association (right), Johanna Wanka, Federal Minister of Research and some of the other awardees. Photo detail from: HGF/Michael Reinhardt

Johann Haber, alumnus of the PIER Helmholtz Graduate School from the DESY research group of Ralf Röhlsberger, received the Helmholtz Doctoral Prize 2017 for his PhD thesis in the research field Matter on "Hard X-Ray Quantum Optics in Thin-Film Nanostructures" during the Helmholtz Association's Annual General Assembly in Berlin on 14 September 2017.

The Helmholtz Association aims to support talented young scientists at an early stage of their career. The Prize acknowledges the recipients' academic achievements to date and encourages them to develop a long-term career in research. Each year, the Helmholtz Association awards up to six Doctoral Prizes, one in each of its six research fields. Awardees receive prize money of 5,000 Euro and additionally 2,000 Euro per month for a research stay of up to six months at an international research institution of their choice.

During his PhD thesis, Johann Haber has discovered a new way to strongly amplify the interaction of x-rays with matter. In future applications his approach may be used to enhance nonlinear optical effects in the X-ray regime and presumably to even generate non-classical states of X-rays.

Johann has started his PhD at DESY in August 2013 and is currently working as postdoctoral researcher at the National Accelerator Laboratory SLAC, USA. The whole team of the PHGS congratulates Johann for receiving this prestigious award.

More info at DESY Photon Science and the Helmholtz Association.

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