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Alena Wiegandt receives prize of chemistry department for best PhD thesis

Prof. Chris Meier congratulates Dr. Alena Wiegandt. Photograph: Private

Alena Wiegandt, alumna of the PIER Helmholtz Graduate School from the research group of Professor Bernd Meyer has received the 2017 prize for the best PhD thesis of Hamburg University's chemistry department.

She received the prize for her thesis on "New Methods for Characterization of N-type Glycosylation of Proteins by Integration of LC-MS/MS and NMR" during the annual celebration on 8 December of the Freundes- und Förderverein Chemie der Universität Hamburg e.V.

Alena has been a PIER fellow from 2013 and was a scholarship holder of the Helmholtz Association. She is currently working as postdoctoral researcher in the chemistry department.

The whole PIER team congratulates Alena for receiving the award.

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