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PIER PhD Seminar 2019

Registration deadline 13 September 2019

Participants of the last PIER PhD Seminar. Photo: Stefanie Tepass

Sign up for the next PIER PhD Seminar. The registration deadline is 13 September 2019.

The aim of the PIER PhD Seminar is that all participants introduce their PhD project or alternatively their research field to each other in a way that PhD students from different research fields are able to understand and to profit from the presentations. Furthermore, the audience gives feedback to the speaker so that he/she can improve his/her way of presentation. This seminar is exceptionally from PhD students to PhD students. Lab visits are welcome as well as unconventional ideas and ways of presenting.

As laid down in the PHGS training programme (category B), all full members are requested to take part in the PIER PhD Seminar for at least one semester and to hold a presentation/lab visit etc.. All associated members are of course welcome, too! The seminar is also open and recommended for PhD students in their first year. The PIER PhD Seminar will be offered at least twice a year.

The seminar occurs every two weeks from 10.00 - 12.00 am on the Campus Bahrenfeld, DESY premises, Notkestr. 85, 22607 Hamburg, building 61 (PIER Office), room 116 (first floor).

Two groups we will be offered in parallel. Group A on Tuesdays. Group B on Wednesdays.

The dates for group A are as follows (Tuesdays, 10-12 am):
17 September
1 October
15 October
29 October
12 November
26 November
10 December

Registration: please click here

The dates for group B are as follows (Wednesdays, 10-12 am):
18 September
2 October
16 October
30 October
13 November
27 November
11 December

Registration: please click here

Deadline for registration: 13 September 2019
The number of participants is limited to 12 each group. If there are more interested PhD students than 12, the PHGS will decide on the participation.

Chu Wang
Infection and structural Biology
Christian Nweze
Photon Science/Nanoscience
Parisa Bayat
Jhilik Majumdar
Particle and Astroparticle Physics
Event Calendar
27 Jan. 2020 to 28 Jan. 2020
Chaired by: Gennaro Miele
Speaker: Dr. LISI, Eligio (University of Naples Federico II), Prof. MIELE, Gennaro
Location: 2G26-2G27
27 Jan. 2020 to 28 Jan. 2020
Chaired by: Motoaki Nakatsutsumi
Location: XTOB E1.01
27 Jan. 2020 15:00
Speaker: Bradley Kavanagh (GRAPPA Amsterdam)
Location: SR2
28 Jan. 2020 11:00
Speaker: Bonnefoy Quentin (DESY)
Location: SR2
28 Jan. 2020 16:45
Speaker: Andrei Kounine (MIT)
Location: Auditorium
29 Jan. 2020 to 31 Jan. 2020
Location: DESY Auditorium (Bldg. 5)
29 Jan. 2020 14:30
Speaker: Zoltan Trocsanyi (University of Debrecen)
Location: build. 2a, SR2
30 Jan. 2020 16:00
Speaker: Troy Figiel
Location: Gebäude 2a, Seminarraum 2
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