PIER Graduate Week 2017

PIER Graduate Week 2017

PIER Helmholtz Graduate School

A Graduate Education Program of Universität Hamburg in Cooperation with DESY

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PIER Graduate Week 2017

9-12 October, CFEL

The PIER Graduate Week 2017 takes place from 9-12 October at CFEL, Bahrenfeld campus. The graduate week is an interdisciplinary workshop and lecture week for PhD students. Numerous national and international experts will offer a wide range of introductory and focus courses. Also workshops and evening sessions complement the programme.
This year’s programme is again highly interdisciplinary and consists of a variety of introductory and focus lectures, covering the PIER research fields:

- Particle & Astroparticle Physics
- Photon Science
- Nanoscience
- Infection & Structural Biology


• New lecture "Physics for Biologists":
• Skills courses "Competent at conferences" and "Introduction to Scientific Computing"
• Scientific colloquium on ”From Skyrmions to Majoranas: Nanoscience Inspired by Particle Physics Theory”
• Industry talk on “Career paths in science and beyond”
• Poster session & poster prize
• BBQ, evening reception and further options for networking and socializing

This year's speakers

Celine Boehm (Durham), Karsten Büßer (Hamburg), Henry Chapman (Hamburg), Carsten Claussen (Hamburg), Florian Grüner (Hamburg), Rolf Haug (Hannover), Michael Hauschild (Hamburg), Thomas Ihn (Zürich), Jeroen Mesters (Lübeck), Nacho Pascual (San Sebastian), Michael Rübhausen (Hamburg), Roland Wiesendanger (Hamburg), Carsten Wrenger (Sao Paulo)

More information & registration: www.pier-hamburg.de/graduateweek2017

Parisa Bayat
Parisa Bayat
Giovanni Rabuffo
Giovanni Rabuffo
Theoretical Physics
Markus Ebert
Markus Ebert
Particle and Astroparticle Physics
Nele Müller
Nele Müller
Photon Science
Event Calendar
23 Oct. 2017 14:00
Location: CFEL, Room MR O3.112
23 Oct. 2017 16:00
Speaker: Dr. Minjae Kim
Location: room 222
23 Oct. 2017 16:30
Speaker: Severin Dieter Lüst
Location: building 2a, SR 2
23 Oct. 2017 16:30
Speaker: Severin Luest
Location: Seminar room 2, building 2A
24 Oct. 2017 11:00
Speaker: Ivan Sobolev (DESY)
Location: SR2
24 Oct. 2017 16:45
Speaker: Teresa Marrodan (MPIK Heidelberg)
Location: Auditorium
25 Oct. 2017 14:30
Speaker: Pranjal Trivedi (Hamburg U.)
Location: build. 2a, SR2
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