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Grant writing for PhD students

Workshop for PhD students and postdocs on 22 November 2018

If you plan to continue research in academia, you should start to develop your grant writing skills. Photograph: Marta Mayer/DESY

If you wish to continue in research in academia, your future prospects will be greatly improved if you are able to successfully apply for funding for projects.

Even as a PhD student you should be looking for opportunities to develop your grant writing skills and to demonstrate that you are able to convince funding bodies to support your development and research ideas.

Grant writing is a multidisciplinary puzzle, and writing a proposal is not writing a publication - it is designing a project. In this workshop, the participants will learn tricks and get hands-on information on current European research funding opportunities.

The following questions will be answered in this interactive training course: Grant writing: Why? What is it? How to find the right funding? How to search? What is your possible next European research funding? How to write a successful proposal? The workshop addresses advanced PhD students in their second or third year, and early stage postdoctoral researchers.

Instructors: Dr. Ute Krell, head of the EU Project Office at DESY, and Dr. Verena Behrens, EU Project Office at DESY (http://eu-projektbuero.desy.de).

Date: 22 November 2018, 9:30-17:30
Venue: SR 3, building 1b, DESY
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