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DOIT Job Seminar: From Model to Machine Learning

28 June 2019, DESY, building 1

DOIT have invited Dr. Pankaj Kumar Mishra to the next series "DOIT looks outside the box", also known as the DOIT Job Seminar.

Dr. Mishra, a former PhD student from Campus Bahrenfeld now works at Schaeffler Technologies, a global German automotive and industrial supplier.

He will talk about "From Model to Machine Learning: Transition as a Data Scientist".

The job seminar speakers are usually former physicists who now work in business or industry. They give an introduction to what they are doing and also answer the question what drove their decision to leave academia.

After the presentation there will be plenty of time for questions. Details:

When: Friday, 28th of June, 3:00 pm
Where: Seminar Room 1, Building 1

As usual, there will be food and drinks sponsored by the PIER Helmholtz Graduate School.
Contact: doit@desy.de

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