Day of research funding at UHH

Day of research funding at UHH

PIER Helmholtz Graduate School

A Graduate Education Program of Universität Hamburg in Cooperation with DESY

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Day of research funding at UHH

20 March 2018, Hamburg University, Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1

On 20 March 2018, the University of Hamburg is again hosting a day of research funding.

This year the focus will be on funding formats for postdocs. If you are a doctoral researcher thinking about third party funding for your own future postdoc position, the day of research funding will help you to get an overview of the German and European research landscape.

Various funding bodies – among them the DFG, BMBF and VolkswagenStiftung – will present their sponsorship offers and funded candidates will talk about their experiences.

There will opportunities for questions and intensive exchange.

Take the opportunity to get an overview of the research landscape and directly engage with representatives of the programme!

Information & registration:

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Giovanni Rabuffo
Giovanni Rabuffo
Theoretical Physics
Phillip Witthöft
Phillip Witthöft
Markus Ebert
Markus Ebert
Particle and Astroparticle Physics
Nele Müller
Nele Müller
Photon Science
Event Calendar
26 Jun. 2018 11:00
Speaker: Frederick Depta
26 Jun. 2018 15:00
Speaker: Emmanuel Stamou (Chicago)
Location: SR 2
27 Jun. 2018 14:30
Speaker: Ibrahim Akal (DESY)
Location: build. 2a, SR2
28 Jun. 2018 13:00
Speaker: Suvi-Leena Lehtinen
Location: Gebäude 3, BAH1
28 Jun. 2018 14:00
Speaker: Hong-Guang Duan
Location: building 99, seminarroom O1.111
29 Jun. 2018 09:30
Chaired by: Jutta Schwarz
Location: SR IV, building 99
29 Jun. 2018 14:00
Speaker: Francesca Calegari (DESY & University of Hamburg, Germany)
Location: CFEL SR I-III (Bldg. 99)
29 Jun. 2018 15:00
Speaker: Björn Arndt
Location: Gebäude 3,Raum BAH1
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