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Program on Successful Job Applications

In September, the PIER Education Platform offers an interesting package for all those PhD students and Postdocs interested in professionalizing their job search and applications. So if you might be entering a job application period soon and want to get some expert advice register for this program:

On Sep 1, 9am - 12pm, there will be a lecture which covers the most important aspects of the application process. It will touch upon finding jobs, differences in applying for jobs within or outside academia, how to present yourself (digitally), the written application, CV and cover letter and the job interview. After the lecture you will have the chance to ask questions via a moderated chat.

Find more information and registration for the lecture here: https://indico.desy.de/event/30132/

On Sep 8 and Sep 17, we offer a workshop (two half-days) for those of you who wants to delve even deeper into the topic. In this workshop you can learn how to identify your strengths and qualifications as well as your desired job. You can then practice to prepare a successful application and to interview in a small group.

Find more information and registration for the workshop here: https://indico.desy.de/event/30133/

For both events we work with Claudia von Schultzendorff, who is a successful self-employed trainer, consultant and coach since 1995. She worked in industry as human resource manager in areas such as personnel management, personnel development, education and training for young employees.

Jennifer Popp
Particle and Astroparticle Physics
Leonardo Ranasinghe
Linda Vanessa Thesing
Photon Science
Ángel Ferran Pousa
Event Calendar
21 Jan. 2021 to 25 Nov. 2021
Chaired by: Thomas Tschentscher (European XFEL) ; Changbum Kim (PAL-XFEL) et al.
Location: Zoom
05 Jul. 2021 to 30 Jul. 2021
Location: Universität Hamburg & DESY
25 Jul. 2021 to 30 Jul. 2021
Speaker: Sandra Leone (INFN Pisa) ; Cheng Li (FLC (FTX Fachgruppe SLB)) et al.
Location: Zoom
26 Jul. 2021 to 20 Aug. 2021
Speaker: Christian Schroer (DESY) ; Andreas Stierle (FS-NL (Nanolab)) et al.
Location: Online only
26 Jul. 2021 to 30 Jul. 2021
Location: Zoom
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