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PIER Industry Talk: Opportunities and Challenges in Energy Storage

Photograph: Mark Hartney

PIER is proud to present Dr. Mark Hartney, Chief Technology Officer of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, as Industry Talk speaker during the next PIER Graduate Week. Dr. Hartney will share his broad experience in science-industry relations while, at the same time, giving an overview of the latest developments in energy storage research. The event will take place on 24 September 2019, 6 p.m., at CFEL SR I-III (Bahrenfeld Campus).

As decarbonized energy technologies such as wind and solar become preferred economic and social choices for new generation capacity, the challenge of intermittent production rates is often balanced by using energy storage, and in many cases, batteries. Like wind and solar energy, battery technology has shown rapid technological advances and cost declines, yet the costs and usage models remain challenge for many of today’s technologies. Batteries are also an essential element in decarbonizing the transportation sector. This talk will cover many of the challenges and opportunities in the evolving energy future and highlight not only latest developments in energy storage but system wide challenges and alternative approaches.

About Mark Hartney
Dr. Mark Hartney is the Chief Technology Officer, Division Director for Applied Energy, and Deputy ALD for Energy Science at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. He is also a Precourt Energy Scholar with the Stanford Precourt Energy Institute. Dr. Hartney is responsible for expanding the engagement of SLAC with industry partners, government agencies and Stanford University with an emphasis on renewable energy materials development and grid integration.

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Event Calendar
19 Jul. 2022 to 26 Aug. 2022
Speaker: Achim Geiser (CMS (CMS Fachgruppe QCD)) ; Robin Santra (DESY & UHH) et al.
Location: DESY Hamburg
Room: main Auditorium
19 Jul. 2022 to 08 Sep. 2022
Chaired by: Andreas Przystawik (FS-PS (FS-PS Fachgruppe FCP)) ; Friederike Januschek (DESY) et al.
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