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“Femtochip”: PIER funding contributes to successful EU project application

25 January 2021

The green arrow points to a chip that can be equipped with up to ten femtosecond lasers. The blue box on which it rests, on the other hand, is a single conventional laser. Picture: CFEL / Neetesh Singh

In 2018 PIER co-funded the XXI International Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena (UP 2018) that took place in Hamburg with DESY lead scientist Franz X. Kärtner acting as UP 2018 Program and Local Chair.

We are pleased to share that the cooperation forged during the conference has led to a successful EU research project application on integrated femtosecond lasers which has been granted funding of around 3.4 million euros by the European Commission for a period of 3 years. The project aims to make the extensive functionality of femtosecond lasers available for science and industry in a much smaller and more cost-effective way: on a microchip.

More information on this potentially ground-breaking “Femtochip” research project, led by DESY scientists Franz Kärtner, Tobias Herr and Neetesh Singh, with industrial and academic partners from four countries, can be found here.

Also interested in PIER funding opportunities, i.e. hosting a workshop funded by PIER? For information on the different funding lines available through the PIER Idea Fund, please refer to our website.

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