Apply for a PhD position

Apply for a PhD position

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Apply for a PhD position

Call closed - next call from 1 May - 15 June 2017

Dear applicants, Thank you for interest in a PhD position in the PIER Helmholtz Graduate School. We will open a new call for applications from 1 May - 15 June 2017. Our calls are general calls for applications to conduct PhD projects in the PIER research fields. This means you can apply by naming your research interest without reference to a job vacancy.

If you would like to apply between calls please check open positions and contact us. You can find detailed information about open positions also on the Websites of the various research groups. Click here for the research team overview.

Timeline for selection procedure fall/winter 2016/2017

01 December - 15 December: Pre-check of applications in the graduate school

15 December - 15 January: Selection of candidates in the research groups & interviews

From 15 January 2017: Start of PhD projects

Please note: We recruit PhD students for more than 100 research teams in Hamburg. Successful candidates will be employed as research assistants at DESY or Universität Hamburg.The salary for research assistants is approximately 1800 € (pre-tax, this corresponds to 50% TVL 13, the collective wage agreement). Funding is not provided by the graduate school but by the research teams. As the group leaders decide upon the timing for interviews and the start of the PhD projects our timeline is not binding but for the orientation of the candidates.

You can start a PhD at Universität Hamburg year-round, there is no fixed start date.The tuition fees at Universität Hamburg are fully covered by the German government, only an administrative fee will have to be paid per semester (6 months). The fee varies each semester between € 290 -350. The fee includes a public transport ticket for Hamburg.

Excellent reasons to study with us:

1. Academic training provided by international experts
2. Access to unique technologies such as the world’s brightest storage ring PETRA III, the free-electron laser FLASH and FLASH II, and the superlative X-ray laser source XFEL
3. PhD within three years with regular feedback from your scientific advisory team
4. Contract as a research assistant at Universität Hamburg or DESY (salary approx. 1.800€ pre-tax per month) including health care and social insurance coverage
5. Financial support for research trips, conferences and childcare
6. Interdisciplinary research and work in a cosmopolitan environment
7. Acquisition of key competences for your future career in science, business or industry
8. Comprehensive student support service including leisure activities and language courses
9. Hamburg is one of Europe’s most livable cities with a rich academic, cultural and artistic life

Juliane Reinhardt
Juliane Reinhardt
Photon Science
Giovanni Rabuffo
Giovanni Rabuffo
Theoretical Physics
Nele Müller
Nele Müller
Photon Science
Clemens Wieck
Clemens Wieck
Particle and Astroparticle Physics
Bahrenfeld campus events
31 Mar. 2017 15:00
Speaker: Johann-Friedrich Albert Haber
Location: ZOQ Seminar room
03 Apr. 2017 to 07 Apr. 2017
Location: Seminar room bctp I
03 Apr. 2017 13:00
Speaker: Juliane Reinhardt
Location: Building 1b, SR 4a
03 Apr. 2017 14:15
Speaker: Simone Giacomelli (ICTP)
Location: SR03
03 Apr. 2017 16:30
Speaker: Mathias Garny (TUM)
Location: Seminar room 2, building 2A
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