Admission & enrolment at university

Admission & enrolment at university

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Admission & enrolment at university

Your PhD degree will be granted by University: Every PhD student has to apply for admission to doctoral studies and enrol as doctoral student at University at the beginning of the PhD project. The admission application should be submitted at the start of doctoral studies, before a work contract or scholarship agreement is signed, to verify compliance with the admission requirements as per the respective doctoral degree regulations. For PhD students at University of Hamburg the doctoral degree regulations of the Faculty for Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences apply.
More about doctoral studies at the Universität Hamburg can be found at the MIN-Gateway for doctoral candidates.

Admission & enrolment step by step: PhD in physics at University of Hamburg

Not yet in Hamburg? Admission at departments other than physics? Please get in touch:

1. Registration and admission as doctoral student at the MIN Faculty

Students request admission to PhD studies from the academic doctoral examination board (Promotionsausschuss) at their department in the MIN Faculty. All PhD students have to register at the MIN Faculty online database docata and apply online for admission to doctoral studies:

  • Read through the online information on doctoral studies.
  • Create an account on the MIN faculty´s database docata.
  • Complete the online form with all requested data.
  • Note: if you are unable to complete the online application in one session, you can save and re-enter the system again later. Once you click “Finish” on the last screen you will not be able to change your data!
  • You will require a working title plus a project description for your thesis project. Please contact your supervisor to discuss this as early as possible.
  • Once all data is entered, submit the application and print a copy as instructed by the system.
  • Sign the printed copy: 1x on the second page and 1x on the last page.
  • Obtain the relevant signatures from your supervisor(s).
2. Submission of documents at physics department (Studienbüro)

  • The printed and signed confirmation of your online application at docata.
  • Complete, printed and signed “Outline of Research Project” form (bilingual document German/English)
  • Certified copy of your master’s degree certificate /alternatively: the original of an official letter from your university confirming the completion of the degree
  • If you show up in person at the Studienbüro it is possible to show the original certificate and make a certified copy on-site.
  • Copy of transcript of records for bachelor and master programmes (detailed list of subjects)
  • If transcripts are not in German or English, candidates must submit additionally:
  • A translation of the transcript of records (detailed overview of subjects)
  • Only for German or English master thesis: a copy of thesis printed and tacked.
  • All other master thesis: a printed abstract of your master’s thesis in English or German.
  • Supervision agreement: Please ask us for a template or find the form here
  • Copy of Diploma Supplements (DS) for a bachelor and master, if available
  • List of scientific publications, if applicable
  • A recommendation by the supervisor(s) for your PhD project can be helpful for the subject-specific doctoral committee when making a decision about admission. This recommendation should make it clear that the recommending professor had the opportunity to get to know the candidate personally.

Hand in or send all documents to the office for student affairs at the physics department (Studienbüro Fachbereich Physik). We recommend showing up in person:

Universität Hamburg
MIN-Fakultät, Fachbereich Physik, Studienbüro
Jungiusstraße 9, ground floor left, room 28, 20355 Hamburg
Tel. +49 (0)40 - 42838 – 7031; E-mail:
Office hours: check the website for changes: Mon 10 am-11 am (10-11 Uhr), Wed 1 pm -2 pm (13-14 Uhr), Fri 10 am- 12pm (10-12 Uhr).


Bahrenfeld Campus (DESY)
Ms. Irmgard Flick
Notkestr. 85, 22607 Hamburg
Building 61, ground floor (to the left side), room 15
Office hours: every Thursday, 1:00-2:30pm
Please show up in person in order to submit or to check your application.

Upon successful admission you will receive a written confirmation from the Studienbüro.

Please note that without the confirmation you will not be able to enrol as a doctoral student

3. Enrolment as doctoral student at Universität Hamburg

All PhD students are required to enrol at the University Hamburg. This is also called matriculation (or in German Immatrikulation)

  • For enrolment you have to create an applicant account at the university’s data base STINE. You will need this account for the whole time during your doctoral studies. Please note the data base STINE only provides information in German. Please contact us for support to fill in your data.
  • Please read through the instructions for the PhD online enrolment procedure first. Here you will find all necessary information and links.

Documents required for enrolment:

  • Degree certificate of your master degree (original or certified photocopy)
  • Statement of successful registration for doctoral studies received from the “Studienbüro” in physics department.
  • Proof of health insurance. Ask your insurance for a written confirmation for university. As a rule, they have a special form.
  • Registration card (in German: MELDEBESTÄTIGUNG) or copy of your ID card, if it shows your current home address. Otherwise hand in your residence permit.


Hand in or send all documents to (we recommend showing up in person):

Campus Center

Service für Studierende

Team Bewerbung und Zulassung (= Admissions)

Alsterterrasse 1

20354 Hamburg

Tel.: (040) 42838-7000

Office hours, please check the website for changes: Mon-Wed 09:00 – 10:00 am, Thu 05:00 – 06:00 pm

Upon successful matriculation you will receive a preliminary confirmation of enrolment and instructions on how to pay your semester fee. Once the semester fee is paid, you will receive your full student ID.

Juliane Reinhardt
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Theoretical Physics
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Photon Science
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Clemens Wieck
Particle and Astroparticle Physics
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