Juliane Reinhardt

Juliane Reinhardt

PIER Helmholtz Graduate School

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Juliane Reinhardt

Name: Juliane Reinhardt

Nationality: German

Master in: Physics

College/University: Technische Universität Dresden

PIER research field: Photon Science

Research topic: High-resolution Imaging with Chemical Contrast using hard X-Ray Ptychography

Further research interests:
Energy materials (catalysts, solar cells), X-Ray Spectroscopy, X-Ray Fluorescence, Imaging of Biological specimen

Research group: X-ray Nanoscience and X-ray Optics (FS-PETRA)

Supervisor/s of thesis: Prof. Dr. Christian Schroer

Special features about the research group:
In my group, we can work without being forced in a particular direction. We are free to pursue our own ideas in the project. There is always room for fruitful discussion with other PhD students, post-docs and my supervisor. Because of the close connection to beamline P06, we have deep insight into the beamline’s infrastructure and we gain a lot of experience in performing experiments and supporting users.

I plan to submit my thesis in: Autumn 2016

This is what brought me to Hamburg/Benefits from PIER (Cooperation of DESY and Universität Hamburg):
During my Diploma studies in Dresden, I had the opportunity to join several beamtimes at DESY and the ESRF and I was always excited about these beamtimes. When I got the chance to get a PhD position at beamline P06, I took it. Today, I think, working at DESY offers an international environment with lots of possibilities to train yourself in broad variety of topics by taking part in many different workshops or seminars. I especially appreciate the career/motivation training and “proficiency in writing” class offered by PIER. On top, being part of the PIER graduate school has afforded an opportunity to take part in international conferences.

My plans for my career after my PhD:
I plan to go abroad, leaving Europe for some years to gain more experience as a post-doc in the US or Australia. Even though I really like hard X-ray imaging using ptychography I am also very curious about working with different techniques and different applications.

Hobbies/Outreach: Photography, Singing, Running, Biking

My favorite place in Hamburg: Elbstrand, starting in Oevelgoenne and heading west

Juliane Reinhardt
Juliane Reinhardt
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