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MIN Graduate School

The faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences (MIN faculty) is the largest faculty of the UHH and holds currently more than 1700 doctoral students.

The graduate school of the MIN faculty (MINGS) provides information and services to support all doctoral students of the MIN faculty. Since 2015, the MINGS runs a project called MINGS International which organizes numerous events, invites to workshops, provides financial support for travels and supports local doctoral workshops.

Most scientific activities around the MIN faculty can be found in the database Geventis set up to support the doctoral students throughout the time of their thesis. All doctoral students of the MIN faculty are welcome to join MINGS and Geventis.

Lisa Katharina Roth
Infection and Structural Biology
Phillip Witthöft
Nataliia Kovalchuk
Particle and Astroparticle Physics
Jhilik Majumdar
Particle and Astroparticle Physics
Event Calendar
25 Mar. 2019 to 29 Mar. 2019
Speaker: GITULIAR, O., HAHN, T.
Location: SemRm 4a / 4b
25 Mar. 2019 to 27 Mar. 2019
Location: Auditorium, Building 5
25 Mar. 2019 to 27 Mar. 2019
Chaired by: Adeleke O. Dr. Bankole
Location: Seminar room 3
25 Mar. 2019 12:00
Speaker: Dorothea Ringe (DESY Startup Office), Nadine Weitendorf (UHH Startup Office), Nils Neumann (Hamburg Innovation)
Location: SR1
25 Mar. 2019 16:30
Speaker: Juri Smirnov (CP3 Odense)
Location: SR2
26 Mar. 2019 10:00
Location: building 61 (PIER Office), room 116
26 Mar. 2019 13:15
Speaker: Lin Zhang (LCLS, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, USA)
Location: 109
27 Mar. 2019 14:30
Speaker: Philipp Rösch
Location: SR2
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