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Advanced Python: Analysis and Visualisation of Scientific Data

06 April 2022

In the five-day course “Advanced Python - Analysis and Visualization of Scientific ...
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PIER Graduate Week

21 February 2022

The next PIER Graduate Week is scheduled for 21-24 February 2022. Due to the pandemic, the event ...
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Online Workshop: Science Communication I: "Blogging"

24 January 2022

When communicating your own research, a blogpost is a quick and easy way to publish your own ...
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Career Orientation - intensive course of 8 sessions for PhDs in 2nd or 3rd year

12 January 2022

Career Orientation Intensive Course - 8 sessions - for PhDs in 2nd or 3rd year Are you ...
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Advancing my Scientific Career and Selling my Academic Output

15 November 2021

Advancing my Scientific Career and Selling my Scientific Output
  In this ...
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Career after your PhD: Academia, industry or science management?

04 November 2021

As a PhD student you will start thinking about career opportunities and required skills at some ...
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The MIN Graduate School (MINGS)

The MIN Graduate School (MINGS) offers a wide range of support measures and events open for all doctoral candidates of the UHH MIN faculty. They develop the structured PhD program MIND and the Individual Development Plan (IDP) for doctoral researchers. They also offer travel grants and short-term stipends, counselling for newcomers, career and networking events and more. The MINGS doctoral representatives are the main contacts for all concerns of doctoral researchers at MIN Faculty.

Learn more about the MINGS and sign up for their monthly newsletter here: https://www.min.uni-hamburg.de/en/min-graduiertenschule.html.

Course Program of the Hamburg Research Academy

The Hamburg Research Academy aims to provide effective career support to PhD students and Postdocs at all career stages. The New Course Program of the Hamburg Research Academy (HRA) for fall/winter 2021/2022 is online now!

The HRA offers a great collection of workshops and trainings to gain further qualifications.

Check out their new program at: https://www.hra-hamburg.de/en/unser-angebot/kursangebot.html

About PIER

PIER is the strategic partnership between DESY and Universität Hamburg, the "Partnership for Innovation, Education and Research".


Jennifer Popp
Particle and Astroparticle Physics
Leonardo Ranasinghe
Linda Vanessa Thesing
Photon Science
Ángel Ferran Pousa
Event Calendar
13 Jan. 2022 to 31 Dec. 2022
21 Jan. 2022 - 09:00
Speaker: Martin Sandhop (DIB (Direktoriumsbuero)) ; Sophie Servan (DESY) et al.
Location: Online
21 Jan. 2022 - 14:00
Speaker: Freya Blekman (DESY/University of Hamburg)
21 Jan. 2022 - 14:30
Speaker: Jens Osterhoff (DESY)
Location: Passcode: 97540703
Room: https://uni-hamburg.zoom.us/j/92293543262
24 Jan. 2022 to 25 Jan. 2022
Chaired by: Theresa Schredelseker (PIER (Partnership for Innovation, Education and Research))
Location: link will follow
Room: online
25 Jan. 2022 - 16:00
Speaker: Yuval Grossman (Cornell University)
Location: DESY Hamburg
Room: Zoom
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