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Theoretical Physics Symposium 2019

13 November 2019

Theoretical Physics Symposium 2019 The Wolfgang Pauli Centre for Theoretical Physics, a joint ...
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PIER Startup Bootcamp: Business Modeling

24 October 2019

PIER is pleased to announce its next PIER Start-Up Workshop “Business Modeling” for early stage ...
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DESY Science Day

16 October 2019

Not to be missed: DESY’s annual Science Day this year starts with a science slam with short ...
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Scientific writing for PhD students

13 November 2019

Science is mostly generation of high quality data and ideas. However, presentation of data and ...
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Improvisation theater for scientists

24 October 2019

Elena Kaufman, science skills coach and trained stage actor, will offer a weekly workshop for ...
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Career Coaching Outside Academia

17 October 2019

COAST (Career Orientation and Skills Training for Postdocs at DESY) and PIER join together in ...
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About PIER

PIER is the strategic partnership between DESY and Universität Hamburg, the "Partnership for Innovation, Education and Research".


Chu Wang
Infection and structural Biology
Christian Nweze
Photon Science/Nanoscience
Parisa Bayat
Jhilik Majumdar
Particle and Astroparticle Physics
Event Calendar
11 Nov. 2019 to 13 Nov. 2019
Chaired by: Bernd Klein
Location: Seminar room 3
12 Nov. 2019 to 13 Nov. 2019
Speaker: Dr. VALERY, Loic, Dr. VOSS, Christian
12 Nov. 2019 to 13 Nov. 2019
13 Nov. 2019 to 15 Nov. 2019
Location: Auditorium CSSB, bldg. 15
13 Nov. 2019 to 14 Nov. 2019
Chaired by: Alexander Schiller
Location: SR V, building 99 (CFEL)
14 Nov. 2019 12:00
Speaker: Oleksii Matsedonskyi
Location: 4th floor library
14 Nov. 2019 15:30
Speaker: KEERSMAEKERS, Lissa, KUTAK, Krzysztof
Location: CMS meeting room
15 Nov. 2019 14:30
Speaker: Alexander Westphal (DESY)
Location: Bldg. 2a, SR 2
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